Chimney Sweep Store
Open fireplace sweep and inspection---$109.00 local Our open fireplace sweep is always a low price of $109.00.
Insert sweep and inspection---$129.00 local All of our sweeps come with a free standard inspection. Insert fireplaces are slightly harder and more detailed to clean the stove and flue, so they cost just a bit more.
Freestanding sweep and inspection---$119.00 local Freestanding stoves include pellet, wood, and oil. We pay special attention to the flue/pipe when removing so not to damage anything. We remove inner baffles and insulation if needed to clean these types of stoves.
AAA Chimney and Masonry Brick, Block, and Stone Masonry
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Certain installations vary in price as well as distance to your site. Feel free to call for questions. We are currently offering a discount to clients within 5 miles of our business.
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