Spokane’s number one chimney service.   Located in the Inland Northwest, in Washington state. We have over 20 years of experience in the Spokane area.   AAA Chimney is a total chimney service company. We service all makes and models of wood burning stoves, zero clearance stoves, and pellet stoves. We offer competetive rates and ideal service.   Specializing in chimney and fireplace repair and rebuilds, as well as cleaning. AAA Chimney offers a variety of services including: Leak repair, Damper repair, Flashing, Masonry pointing, brick, block, stone, and paver work, water sealing, Inspections, and free estimates. AAA Chimney, your one stop for fireplace safety.
Brick, Block, and Stone Masonry
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AAA Chimney and Masonry Open fireplace sweep and inspection. $109.00 everyday. Mileage restrictions apply.
Chimney relines, rebuilds, inspections, repairs and free bids.
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